The Fault in Our Stars – Book Review

It took me less than 2 days to finish this book, and by the end, I was unhinged. After quickly falling in love with the characters and their stories, it took even less time to become completely consumed by the pain of their losses. This tragically honest story about cancer, love, and the power of take and give are all too familiar to me as I’m still grieving for a mother I lost to cancer more than 6 years ago. Needless to say, I fell into depression a few times throughout this reading. To me, however, cancer was only a side plot within the refreshingly believable love story portrayed beautifully by John Green. Their love, however finite, was sweet, witty, and meaningful. Let me clearly say that while I was deeply saddened by the brevity of Hazel & Augustus’ romance, I was more moved by the realization of their ‘forever within the numbered days’. So I’m once again reminded of my husband’s favorite Latin phrase ‘memento mori’. After wiping away a waterfall of tears, I’ve concluded that this story is not about cancer or dying, it’s simply and poignantly about living and loving your short life. I’m whole again.