So about this WordPress blog. I don’t regularly hash out a lot of posts but from time to time I get spark to put down words. I hope to mostly capture reflections on our various trips everywhere. Feel free to comment and remind me to contribute a new post from time to time. Below is a map from TripAdvisor that captures some of the places Richard and I have gone to separately and together. I hope to be able to write about all the new pins we’ll be adding in the year’s to come.

TripAdvisor Travel Map
TripAdvisor Travel Map

We get to travel a lot and engage in many interesting activities. I love capturing memories of these adventures and can often be seen snapping pictures on my phone. Images tell so many stories about a moment. Even for me, when I look back through them, I’m often taken back by where my life takes me. I’m behind on uploading but I have shared a link below to my Flickr account where you can check out my Flickr feed for some interesting pics.

Color Brigade
The Running Shoe Color Brigade

The thing about us, is that we love fitness. Check out Athlinks to see just how much so. We train like crazy, so you can’t call us lazy. Ok, ok. That was cheesy. But we really do spend a lot of time on treadmills, in pools, on bikes, etc. Having both lost parents early to cancer, health and fitness mean so much to us. Even better, is getting to enjoy all this activity with our friends and family. We generally participate in 20+ races a year of all varieties. We have it in our sites to take down the half ironman next year.


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