Some people try to reshape the world by force or persuasion. We  strive to leave the world a better place than we found it. Constantly revising our driving philosophies, chronicling our views on the world in every social stream. Some of it interesting and some of it meaningless and pure conjecture. We chase new and interesting challenges. We disagree and we both win through this debate. We buck tradition, if only becomes it seems to force some type of fate on you whether you chose it or not.

Whether it is dining, traveling or both; there just are not a lot of better or more enjoyable ways to reset yourself. Neither of us cook, so discovering the best restaurants is a must. Being sedentary drives me nuts, so globe trotting is required. So you see, I can’t consider these luxuries because they are interwoven in our lifestyles, even our very beings. I encourage everyone to venture out, and leave their mark in their own way.

Sailing through Hilton Head
Sailing through Hilton Head


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